Spicy vegan “chicken” nuggets

You’ve gotta love seitan – making meat dishes out of plant basedΒ products for decades πŸ™‚ Β I had seen recipes for seitan “chicken” nuggets all over the interwebs for months, and sampled themΒ in various vegan restaurants (theyΒ were delicious), so thought I’d give it a crack myself. These ones areΒ spicy, moist on the inside and crunchy onContinue reading “Spicy vegan “chicken” nuggets”

Beetroot burger patties

TimeΒ time has come for me to stop relying on pre-made burgers and start making them myself… when I have time. Β Seeing as I was recentlyΒ off work for two weeks (one spent in Dubrovnik though) it was time to start. First up – beetroot burger patties. Β So pink, so “raw beef”-like (ew ew ew), but soContinue reading “Beetroot burger patties”

Tater tots

Oh potato, what would I ever do without you? Β So versatile, so tasty, so cheap. I’m a big fan of the humble spud, especially when in chip form. Β I’ve never bought tater tots from the supermarket before, but thought recently why not try and make them at home anyway. Β They always look tasty, and homemadeContinue reading “Tater tots”