Creamy vegan “chicken” pie

It’s nearly the end of winter guys, I can feel it!Β  Kinda. Why has winter been dragging on so long this year?!Β  I know I was in Vietnam for three whole weeks recently, soaking up the 35C temperatures and eating all the delicious rice and noodles my heart desired, but that doesn’t mean embracing theContinue reading “Creamy vegan “chicken” pie”

Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

Mmmmm, veggies. After spending the best part of a week eating delicious roasted Mediterranean veggies whilst in Croatia recently, I decided it was time to come back to London and work on perfecting them for myself. Reckon I did a decent job too πŸ˜› Β I’m not a huge fan of mushroomsΒ or aubergine but you couldContinue reading “Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables”