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Spicy buffalo cauliflower wings

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Us vegans have all seen these buffalo cauliflower wings done a million times before, and the recipes are all pretty much the same… so why haven’t you tried making them yet?!  DO IT. I’m a huge fan of cauliflower and spicy foods in general, so these tick some serious boxes for me.  No need for boring steamed cauliflower with dinner when you can whip these babies up instead.  If you don’t like hot stuff then […]

Unicorn (beetroot) hummus

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This one is for all my unicorn friends. The main ingredient in hummus, chickpeas, should be a staple in everyone’s diet, not only because they’re so versatile (as are their juices – see my aquafaba chocolate mousse recipe!), they’re healthy AF.  One of the best vegan sources of protein (19 grams of protein per 100 grams of chickpeas), a rich source of fibre to keep you regular, and they also help control blood sugar and lower […]

Mushy Peas

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Peas are amazing!  They might seem a bit old fashioned (meat and two veg anyone?) but they’re packed full of the good stuff.  Protein rich, big on Vitamin C and a great source of fibre.  And did I say tasty?  What’s not to love. If you don’t want any rogue non-vegan butter hiding in your mushy peas then I’m here for you.  I understand.  I hate it.  So I veganised it. This is another easy-peasy […]

Potato salad (vegan)

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Who doesn’t love potato salad?!  Actually, I never really liked it that much when I was younger, it always tasted really fatty and made me feel a bit bilious.  Non-vegan potato salad (with bacon) IS really fatty and gross, so it’s no surprise I felt that way. So here comes a less-fatty and gross potato salad for you lot to try out.  You’re welcome. I made the vegan bacon in advance (recipe here) and it’s […]

Giant couscous stuffed peppers with basil

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I had been looking around for giant couscous recipes for ages, but hadn’t found many that appealed.  Most of the recipes were salads, and I’m not a huge fan of salad to be honest (WHAT? A vegan who doesn’t like salad?  Burn the witch!!). First endeavour into giant couscous and not only was it a success, it’s now going to be on high rotation on the Restaurant of Jen menu. Stuffed peppers are always a good shout if you want something that […]