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Get saucy – vegan lasagna sauce

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  Lasagna is just such a classic meal.  I used to cook it all the time before going vegan, but was never sure how to transfer it over using plant based ingredients. I should never have worried – the amount of plant based milks and cheeses around means lasagna will never go off the menu.  Plus you only need to substitute for some soy mince or lentils, or just make it all from veggies.  Most […]

Get saucy – mac ‘n cheese sauce (vegan)

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Yeah, I’d go vegan, but I’d miss my cheese too much… GET IN THE BIN! There are plenty of non-dairy vegan cheeses to be found in the big wide world right now, and if you can’t be bothered trying them all then I’m here to give you a recipe for at least one of them.  Mac n cheese sauce – you little beauty. How do you make mac ‘n cheese without cheese?  With vegetables.  You read […]

Get saucy – Big Mac “special sauce” (vegan)

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In the first instalment of an ongoing saucy series, I’m going to share with you how to make a Big Mac “special sauce”.  There’s nothing special about the ingredients, but there IS something special about the taste.  It tastes like the real thing. Can’t say I was ever a huge fan of Big Macs (I was a double cheeseburger girl myself… disgraceful) but when you become vegan you just want to veganise ALL the things. […]