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Hash brown cakes

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Hands up who loves hash browns! *Raises both arms* I’m a sucker for anything potato based, so last weekend it was time to attempt some home made hash browns.  I think I did ok. This recipe was adapted from Minimalist Baker’s Crispy Hash Brown Haystacks (I’m always on their site – if you don’t already know of them then get involved!), which looked amazing so I thought I’d give it a go. Next time I won’t use […]

Potato salad (vegan)

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Who doesn’t love potato salad?!  Actually, I never really liked it that much when I was younger, it always tasted really fatty and made me feel a bit bilious.  Non-vegan potato salad (with bacon) IS really fatty and gross, so it’s no surprise I felt that way. So here comes a less-fatty and gross potato salad for you lot to try out.  You’re welcome. I made the vegan bacon in advance (recipe here) and it’s […]

Tater tots

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Oh potato, what would I ever do without you?  So versatile, so tasty, so cheap. I’m a big fan of the humble spud, especially when in chip form.  I’ve never bought tater tots from the supermarket before, but thought recently why not try and make them at home anyway.  They always look tasty, and homemade has to be better than store-bought, right?  Right. These were cooked on Sunday and frozen to use later in the […]