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Spicy vegan “chicken” nuggets

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main meal / seitan

You’ve gotta love seitan – making meat dishes out of plant based¬†products for decades ūüôā ¬†I had seen recipes for seitan “chicken” nuggets all over the interwebs for months, and sampled them¬†in various vegan restaurants (they¬†were delicious), so thought I’d give it a crack myself. These ones are¬†spicy, moist on the inside and crunchy on the outside. ¬†Finger lickin’ good guys. Not a recipe for those trying to avoid gluten (sorry GF peeps!) but definitely […]

Beetroot burger patties

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burgers / main meal

Time¬†time has come for me to stop relying on pre-made burgers and start making them myself… when I have time. ¬†Seeing as I was recently¬†off work for two weeks (one spent in Dubrovnik though) it was time to start. First up – beetroot burger patties. ¬†So pink, so “raw beef”-like (ew ew ew), but so delicious. As always, with the food¬†you make yourself you know ¬†exactly what’s in it, and this is one healthy patty. […]

Balsamic tofu skewers

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main meal / tofu

I love a good skewer, and I love Mediterranean veggies and tofu, so here we are. I¬†used to make skewers by¬†cutting up the¬†ingredients, popping them¬†on skewers, drizzling and grill. ¬†Grilling however is a right royal pain. ¬†Ain’t nobody got time to check and turn, check and turn, check and turn every five minutes. The solution? ¬†Cook it all first and THEN stick it on skewers. ¬†I know, genius. Of course feel free to use any […]

Roasted Courgette Orzotto

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main meal / Risotto

  Orzotto is a thing! ¬†I didn’t know it was a thing until I spent a week in Dubrovnik recently and tried some myself. ¬†Oh boy, it was GOOD. Orzotto is basically a risotto made with pearl barley instead of rice. ¬†The food in Dubrovnik has quite a heavy Italian influence (think pizza, pasta, grilled veggies… all the good stuff!), and orzotto is no exception. You can substitute the veggies in this with any other […]

Pistachio crusted tofu

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main meal / tofu

Spent a good hour in the kitchen the other night whipping up a vegan storm. ¬†The tastiest part of the meal¬†was the pistachio crusted tofu, and¬†considering the ingredients list it didn’t take too¬†long to prepare. With the tofu, pistachio and tahini combo,¬†this recipe will ensure you’re well on your way to hitting your daily protein, iron and calcium¬†recommended intake. And we like that kind of thing ūüôā There’s quite an ingredient list and takes some […]