BBQ Jackfruit

So you have a can/jar of jackfruit in the cupboard and you have no idea what to do with it. I’m here to help ๐Ÿ™‚ What you don’t want to do with jackfruit is just eat it like it is – you have to spice and flavour that baby up, just like it’s a blockContinue reading “BBQ Jackfruit”

Butternut squash risotto

  I’m a big fan of risotto, and there are so many variations on what you can make it with that my head spins sometimes.ย  Tomato based, creamy based, arborio rice, pearl barley, ALL the different veggies… the list of combinations are endless. You need to follow the basics of risotto making to ensure itContinue reading “Butternut squash risotto”

Comforting seitan “beef” and barley stew

Anyone else make big old batches of seitan and use it in every damn thing?!ย  I used to love me a peppery beef stew when I wasnโ€™t vegan (I canโ€™t believe I used to eat that stuff, ewwwww), so a substitute thatโ€™s earth-and-animal friendly was very much needed for when I moved over to theContinue reading “Comforting seitan “beef” and barley stew”

Quinoa and sweet potato falafel

Confession time – I’ve never made a falafel myself at home that didn’t turn out terrible.ย  Not sure what it is exactly that I do to them but they seem to want to disintegrate whenever I deep fry them, and baking makes them taste too… healthy (you know [junk food] me).ย  But now folks, IContinue reading “Quinoa and sweet potato falafel”

Seitan steaks

So this is a recipe that I really HAVE to share with you all.ย  I make seitan once every couple weeks on the weekend, because it lasts ages, you can freeze it, it’s a brilliant source of protein and you can do so much with it. There are loads of seitan recipes knocking around theContinue reading “Seitan steaks”

Spicy tofu & brussels sprout fried rice

Hereโ€™s a combo that you might not think goes together, but it really does.ย  Brussels sprouts and fried rice?ย  Nah.ย  Oh, but YEAH. Many people arenโ€™t keen on that stinky little vegetable, but Iโ€™m a huge fan of sprouts.ย  Theyโ€™re usually only found as part of a roast dinner (hidden under the gravy), but afterContinue reading “Spicy tofu & brussels sprout fried rice”

BBQ pulled tempeh sloppy Joes

In my quest to veganise anything and everything, Iโ€™ve given Sloppy Joes the positivelyjen vegan once over.ย  I missed out on the โ€œjoyโ€ of Sloppy Joes before becoming vegan, because I was never really a fan of mincemeat (no surprises really considering whatโ€™s in the stuff…).ย  Now that tempeh is on the scene there’s noContinue reading “BBQ pulled tempeh sloppy Joes”

Tofush & chips (vegan “fish & chips”)

It was a long time coming, but the day had finally arrived. ย I would try my hand at making vegan fish & chips, aka Tofush and chips. Not sure why I had put this off for so long – fear of failure? ย Thinking it might look crap? ย Might taste disgusting? ย It’s tofu, I mean, howContinue reading “Tofush & chips (vegan “fish & chips”)”

Nut Roast Wellington

That feeling when you make something for the first time and it works out really, really well โ€“ hello nut roast wellington!ย  Donโ€™t let the ingredients list fool you โ€“ this is a really easy recipe to get right, and it tastes delicious.ย  To be honest, it kind of tastes like a giant sausage roll,Continue reading “Nut Roast Wellington”

Spicy buffalo cauliflower wings

Us vegans have all seen these buffalo cauliflower wings done a million times before, and the recipes are all pretty much the sameโ€ฆ so why havenโ€™t you tried making them yet?!ย  DO IT. Iโ€™m a huge fan of cauliflower and spicy foods in general, so these tick some serious boxes for me.ย  No need forContinue reading “Spicy buffalo cauliflower wings”