Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables

Mmmmm, veggies. After spending the best part of a week eating delicious roasted Mediterranean veggies whilst in Croatia recently, I decided it was time to come back to London and work on perfecting them for myself. Reckon I did a decent job too ๐Ÿ˜› ย I’m not a huge fan of mushroomsย or aubergine but you couldContinue reading “Roasted Mediterranean Vegetables”

Hash brown cakes

Hands up who loves hash browns! *Raises both arms* I’m a sucker for anything potato based, so last weekend it was time to attempt some home made hash browns. ย I think I did ok. This recipe was adapted from Minimalist Baker’s Crispy Hash Brown Haystacksย (I’m always on theirย site – if you don’t already know ofContinue reading “Hash brown cakes”

Aquafaba chocolate mousse (vegan)

I’ve been eyeing off aquafaba (chickpea brine) mousse recipes on the internet for months now so decided to pull my finger out on the weekend and give it a try. Chickpea brine smells SO gross, so I was hugely skeptical at first as to whether you could make something out of the stuff that wouldContinue reading “Aquafaba chocolate mousse (vegan)”

Potato salad (vegan)

Who doesn’t love potato salad?! ย Actually, I never really liked it that much when I was younger, it always tasted really fatty and made me feel a bit bilious. ย Non-vegan potato salad (with bacon) IS really fatty and gross, so it’s no surprise I felt that way. So here comes a less-fatty and gross potatoContinue reading “Potato salad (vegan)”

Roasted Courgette Orzotto

  Orzotto is a thing! ย I didn’t know it was a thing until I spent a week in Dubrovnik recently and tried some myself. ย Oh boy, it was GOOD. Orzotto is basically a risotto made with pearl barley instead of rice. ย The food in Dubrovnik has quite a heavy Italian influence (think pizza, pasta, grilledContinue reading “Roasted Courgette Orzotto”

Vegan bacon

Vegan bacon Vegan bacon Vegan bacon VEGAN. BACON. Why it took me so long to try this recipeย I have no idea. ย I’ve tried it now, it works, and it’s delicious. Can’t say that it tastes exactly like bacon (that might be a bit strange) but the flavourย does taste like a cross between crispy bacon andContinue reading “Vegan bacon”

Pistachio crusted tofu

Spent a good hour in the kitchen the other night whipping up a vegan storm. ย The tastiest part of the mealย was the pistachio crusted tofu, andย considering the ingredients list it didn’t take tooย long to prepare. With the tofu, pistachio and tahini combo,ย this recipe will ensure you’re well on your way to hitting your daily protein,Continue reading “Pistachio crusted tofu”

Peanut butter cups (vegan)

You want easy and tasty? ย You got it. ย Not sure if I know of a recipe easier than this – two ingredients and easy assembly peanut butter cups. TWO ingredients guys. ย Two. If you’re a fan of peanut butter and dark chocolate like I am, then you’ll love this. ย Tastes like the real thing… ifContinue reading “Peanut butter cups (vegan)”

Get saucy – mac ‘n cheese sauce (vegan)

Yeah, I’d go vegan, but I’d miss my cheese too much… GET IN THE BIN! There are plenty of non-dairy vegan cheeses to be found in the big wide world right now, and if you can’t be bothered trying them all thenย I’m here to give you a recipe for at least one of them. ย MacContinue reading “Get saucy – mac ‘n cheese sauce (vegan)”

Fig & kiwifruit slice

Well HELLO there pretty. Slowly getting into this vegan baking thing – so far things are looking great. ย Never been a huge baker before (gimme savoury food all day please) but since becoming vegan it’s kind of a challenge to make tasty creations without your typical egg/cheese/dairy heavy ingredients. ย Oh yes, it can be done.Continue reading “Fig & kiwifruit slice”