Vegan in Perth, Western Australia

After going back home (and to my adopted home) earlier this year, I thought it was about time to sort out some blog posts on where I ate awesome vegan food in Perth and Melbourne, Australia.  There are so many more options now for vegans in both locations since I moved from Australia to London 8 years ago, and boy did I take advantage while I was there!

First stop is the city I grew up in – Perth, Western Australia.  I tell a lie actually, I grew up in the country, about an hour north of Perth in a small town called Gingin, but I digress…  Perth has never been the most forward-thinking of cities (can you tell why I’m now living in London?!), so I wasn’t expecting to find anything amazing as far as vegan options are concerned.  Unlike Melbourne where the word “vegan” can be seen on any main restaurant strip, Perth isn’t teeming with obvious vegan options.  Vegan meals are there if you do your research however, and I found a few gems while I was there briefly.

Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

Holy moly.  So much to choose from on the menu and such a great looking restaurant.  There are other vegan options around Freo, so if you’re spending the day there (and you should – Freo is lovely), you won’t be short of places to eat.  Raw Kitchen, however, is the star of the area.  I wanted to eat everything on the menu, but had to settle for the nachos – salsa, jalapenos, walnut refried beans, guacamole and cashew sour ‘cream’ over raw nachos.  LOOK AT THIS.

Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

Didn’t have enough room for dessert, but I did have an elixir shot and a Longevity kombucha on the side.  The entire menu is vegan, and mostly raw, so knock yourself out!  Seeing as the weather is usually beautiful at any time of the year in Perth, eating raw is actually quite easy to do and really refreshing.

Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

Flora and Fauna, Northbridge

If you’re an insta-whore, this place should be top of your to-do list whilst in Perth!  Don’t just take my word for it – take a scroll through their Instagram and you’ll see how gorgeous the food is.  Fresh and exotic fruits, edible flowers, pastel colours and cute little tables make taking Insta-pics here a delight.  The chefs clearly want to impress with their plating – I felt almost bad cutting into my food!  Almost…  The vegan banana bread with raspberry sauce was my brunch of choice, as they make their banana bread fresh every morning.  No words needed, just this picture.

Flora and Fauna, Northbridge

Seriously guys, GO HERE!  Perfect for brunch and plenty of vegan options on the meat-free menu. Head there on a sunny day, as the outside seating area is much bigger than inside, and Northbridge is always buzzing with all sorts of interesting people wandering around.

Wassup Dog, East Perth and Fremantle

Because who doesn’t like hot dogs?!  Although Wassup Dog serve meat-dogs, they do a mean vegan option.  All of their ingredients are made from scratch (the bread, the condiments, the sausages etc.) and sourced locally, so you know you’re going to scoff the good stuff here.  They do breakfast (with a good looking vegan option) and also home delivery, if you CBA dragging yourself out of bed.  Here’s the “Vegan Dog” that I had, with a side of hand cut chips (natch).

Wassup Dog, East Perth

How sexy is that?!  Their vegan sausage is made from pumpkin, sweet potato and coriander, plonked in a freshly baked bun and topped with sautéed peppers and onions, a smashed avocado and homemade vinaigrette.  Difficult to finish it off as the serving was so huge, but that, my dear friends, is not a complaint.

Lord of the Fries, Perth CBD

I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you.  The one thing that London lacks is a decent, easy to access (e.g. no massive queues), super cheap, veggie/vegan dirty take away chain.  THAT is why I love LOTF.  All the dirty burgers, hot dogs and fries you want, all veggie or vegan.  You can basically veganise anything on the menu here, and the choice is huge.  Firm favourite for me is French Canadian fries, hold the cheese, as can be seen here (excuse the legs!).

Lord of the Fries (and my pasty legs), Perth CBD

So many sauce options however – get yourself a big serving of fries and slather on that sauce.  All of the “classic” sauces are vegan, and all of the burgers can be made vegan if you ask.  They have exploded in the last few years and have shops all over the country, including plenty in Melbourne.

There were a few places on my list that I didn’t get around to eating at (wahh!), but add these to your list if you have more time than I did.

Swan Valley Café – in the heart of the wine district (you know what to do guys…) is this vegetarian café with a huge breakfast, lunch and dessert menu.  The options are mostly vegan (tempeh burger!!) and they also do a good amount of raw and gluten free options.  There are garlic and onion free food options as well, which is great for Krishna’s.

Acai Bros – Another one in Fremantle while you’re in that area.  These guys do raw smoothies, acai bowls, shooters and juices.  If you eat there often enough I’ve heard that you’ll end up looking like the founding “Brothers”, which isn’t a bad thing (*ahem* LADIES *ahem*).

Roark & Co – Freo again (I see a pattern here…).  100% plant based café open for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week.  Breakfast wraps, burgers, vegan tuna rolls and plenty of salads in the summer.  I should have stayed in Fremantle!

That was about the extent of my food choices in Perth while I was there earlier in the year.  Wish I ate out more, but at least now I know where to go when I venture back there, which is not a bad thing.  Next blog is going to be what I ate in Melbourne, which might have to be over two blogs, because I at a LOT of food there!

Let me know in the comments of any other places that look good in Perth so that I can go check them out when I go back there… one day 😉

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