Peanut butter cups (vegan)


You want easy and tasty?  You got it.  Not sure if I know of a recipe easier than this – two ingredients and easy assembly peanut butter cups.

TWO ingredients guys.  Two.

If you’re a fan of peanut butter and dark chocolate like I am, then you’ll love this.  Tastes like the real thing… if you were ever into the real thing!  I used crunchy peanut butter for this recipe, but feel free to use smooth if that floats your boat.




300g dark chocolate (I used Lindt 70%)

6 Tbsp peanut butter (I used Whole Earth organic crunchy)


Melt the dark chocolate using the two pot method (as described in the previous Vegan Bounty Bars post)

Measure 1/2 Tbsp of chocolate into each of six small muffin cases

Place into fridge for 10 minutes to set

When set, add a tablespoon of peanut butter to each of the muffin cases (see below).  No need to spread too evenly as the next step will cover it all up anyway.

Could eat it now… better not.

Place back into fridge for another 10 minutes

When set, distribute the remainder of the melted chocolate evenly between the six muffin cases.  Ensure all of the peanut butter is covered with the chocolate.

Place back in the fridge for 10 minutes to set

When set, remove from fridge and eat until your heart is content!


Makes 6 small peanut butter cups

Time to make: 10 mins prep and melting chocolate / 30 minutes set time  = 40 minutes total

On a scale of easy (1) to pull your hair out difficult (5) = 1 – if you have time it’s super easy.

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