Vegan “bounty” bars


Thought it might be an idea to start off the blog with one of my favourite treats – vegan Bounty bars.

I was a huge fan of Bounty bars before going vegan, and this just goes to show that you don’t actually give anything up if you make the switch to a plant based lifestyle.  There’s still tasty, tasty chocolate, and lots of it!

So – if you like coconut, chocolate and easy-as-hell recipes, then these are for you.



400ml can of coconut milk (cream only)

1 1/2 cups dessicated coconut

2Tb agave nectar

1/4tsp salt

300g dark chocolate (Lindt 70% is perfect for this)



Keep coconut milk in the fridge until ready to use, to separate cream from the rest of the liquid.

Scoop out the cream from the top of the can and discard the coconut water (or if you’re a stickler for no waste, add to your next smoothie!).

Combine cream, coconut, agave nectar and salt in a bowl and mix together.  Feel free to add to a food processor if you want a smoother filling.

Shape into rectangles (or balls if preferred) and place on a baking sheet on a flat tray.  Freeze for an hour.

Melt your chocolate by placing in a heatproof bowl/container and rest on a strainer in a saucepan half filled with boiling water (see below).  Stir occasionally.


When the chocolate has melted, remove the bars from the freezer and one by one dip into the chocolate.  Use two forks to ensure fully chocolate coated, and allow excess to drip back into the chocolate bowl.

Place back on the baking sheet and allow chocolate to harden, before scoffing!  They won’t last long…


Makes 10 – 12 bars or around 15 small balls

Time to make: 15 mins prep / 1 hour to freeze / 15 mins to coat = 1.5 hours total

On a scale of easy (1) to pull your hair out difficult (5) = 2 (chocolate coating can be a bit of a faff)

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